Close call on Faulk? ‘It wasn’t’


We’ve got the details now on Kevin Faulk’s one-year deal to return to the Patriots, and it’s a fairly simple one: $1 million signing bonus, $1 million base salary, and $1 million in incentives.

Faulk did attract offers from the Redskins (whose coach, Mike Shanahan, has been a Faulk admirer) and Eagles (who just lost their own do-everything man in Brian Westbrook), but 11-year Patriot wasn’t exactly checking out mid-Atlantic real estate in the process.

“It was always the Patriots,” agent Raymond Brothers said. “I can’t even tell you it was close. It wasn’t.”

Faulk’s desire to stay in New England was twofold, according to Brothers. First and foremost, Faulk wanted no part of uprooting his family from the area where they’ve settled. Second, he wanted to win, and while Philly would’ve given him a good chance to do so, Foxborough’s a place where he’s won before so it isn’t hard for him to believe he’ll win there again.

“He always wanted to stay in New England, he said it publicly, I said it publicly,” Brothers said. “Anytime he plays for the Patriots, he knows the standard is to win a Super Bowl. It’s not to make the playoffs or win more games than he did last year, coach (Bill) Belichick is trying to win Super Bowl. And (Faulk) has won three of them with them already, so he’d be in a place where he’d be in a position to do that again, in place where he feels most comfortable and a place where he’s loved.”


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