Welcome LT to the AFC East

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It’s not official yet, but when Jim Trotter and Kevin Acee have news on LaDainian Tomlinson, it’s probably a good idea to listen.

Both those guys, the former for SI.com and the latter for the San Diego Union-Tribune, have it sounding more and more like LT will be wearing Green in 2010. Trotter put it like this: “Cue up the Sinatra”. Nice.

So what does this mean for the Patriots? Well, my guess is that Shonn Greene becomes what Thomas Jones was for the Jets last year, and Tomlinson, in essence, gets Greene’s carries, while also taking on some of Leon Washington’s do-everything role if a) the Jets re-sign their third-down back and b) he has some sort of injury setback. Already been over much of this, in explaining why New York was the ideal landing spot for LT.

What does he have left? Well, I thought it’d be interesting to ask a man who coached him.

“Number one, he can still play,” said Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron, who had Tomlinson for four years in San Diego (2003-06). “Number two, there’s nothing LT can’t accomplish when he puts his mind to it. Whatever the goals are, whenever he sets his mind and tells himself he’s going to do it, he’s going to accomplish it.

“Now, winning a Super Bowl, that’s a team proposition, he doesn’t have direct control over that. But whatever he sets out to do, if he’s asked to do it, he can get it done. You have to be clear with him, and when you are, he’ll get it done for you.”

Tomlinson’s career numbers against New England are nothing to sneeze at, and he’ll have one heck of a line to run behind with the Jets. In seven games against the Patriots, he has 139 carries for 670 yards (4.8 avg.) and 7 touchdowns, and 20 catches for 191 yards (9.6 avg.) Of course, he’s not the player he was in 2003 or ’06, and so this marriage between he and New York will be interesting to watch.

But if there’s really something to worry about brewing down in Jets-land, this might be it. In his Sunday at the Post column, the National Football Post’s Mike Lombardi indicates that New York could be readying for a run at Brandon Marshall. Not sure if it’ll all work out, and the Jets might be constructing their own Boys Town right now, but that sure is an impressive array of talent coming together.


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