Could Ray show the way?


We still haven’t seen much movement on the restricted free agent market, and it’s hard to tell just when guys like Panthers corner Richard Marshall or Raiders linebacker Kirk Morrison will get to the point where they’re getting legitimately courted.

But here’s one more name (made mention of this in my Sunday Notes) to keep an eye on: Vikings defensive end Ray Edwards.

I’m told there are a number of teams at the bottom of the first round sniffing around the pass rusher, who just turned 25. While he’s not exactly Bruce Smith, he’s an ascending player with high-end potential. Edwards had a career-high 8.5 sacks, then exploded for four in two playoff games.

What’s more, the guy fits the Patriots’ OLB prototype (his position in their defense), at 6-feet-5-inches and 268 pounds. For what it’s worth, he’s another one of the conversion types from Purdue (Shaun Phillips, Rosevelt Colvin, Anthony Spencer, Rob Ninkovich), and there’s been plenty of success converting those players from end to 3-4 rush ‘backer, so there’s pedigree there too.

Now, he’s got the first-round tender on him, which is why the action to this point really has been limited to teams drafting low, but there’s always the option of getting creative and cooking up a trade. There is some room to be skeptical on him (Jared Allen and the Williams Wall command a lot of attention, leaving Edwards in position to make plays). Yet, from a skill-set standpoint, he brings a lot of potential to the table.

Keep an eye on him.


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