Shocker!!! Testaverde still in football


Say what you will about ex-Buccaneer, Brown, Raven, Jet, Cowboy, Patriot and Panther quarterback Vinny Testaverde.

Just don’t try and assert that the guy isn’t wild about football.

Two years and change after his final NFL snap, Testaverde’s getting back into the game as an assistant high school coach at Tampa Jesuit. Vinny settled in Florida’s Bay Area, and his son, Vinny Jr., is a promising young receiver at the school.

The St. Petersburg Times has the story

“I definitely will be bouncing stuff off him in regard to quarterbacks,” head coach James Harrell told the paper. “I don’t think there’s anyone in town who has more experience on the playing field for sure, and his background speaks for itself. … I know he has a commitment to excellence.”

Testaverde’s Patriot career was fairly short. He signed on Nov. 14, 2006, had a nice moment with a touchdown pass against the Titans to extend a streak (20 straight seasons, at the time, with at least one), and then was whacked during final cuts before the 2007 season. He resurfaced as a surprisingly effective starter in Carolina later that fall. It’s still a pretty remarkable story, and it’s easy to see how much this guy could bring to young kids learning the game. So good move, it would seem, by Tampa Jesuit.


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