Bodden on Thanksgiving game: ‘A game’s a game’


FOXBOROUGH — You saw Albert Breer’s report earlier about the Patriots playing at Detroit on Thanksgiving Day. If that happens, Patriots cornerback Leigh Bodden said there isn’t a whole lot that changes by playing on Thanksgiving.

Bodden played with the Lions for a season in 2008. That year, the Tennessee Titans spoiled Thanksgiving for the Lions with a 47-10 beating.

“It would be good to play on Thanksgiving,” Bodden said. “When I was in Detroit, you know growing up as a kid you watch that game and you want to play on Thanksgiving and I got to do it, but it wasn’t that great in Detroit. So hopefully, if we play on Thanksgiving, hopefully, I can be on the winning end of that.”

Bodden added, “To me a game is a game no matter if it’s Sunday, Thursday, Monday. A game’s a game.”


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