Gostkowski still coming to work

Steve Gostkowski.jpg

There are plenty of restricted free agents in the NFL right now — particularly among the group of 212 fourth- and fifth-year players who would’ve been UFAs in the old system — staying as far away from their teams’ offseason programs as possible.

And that’s their right, of course. Except for the few who have already signed their tenders, those guys aren’t under contract, and going and lifting and running under club supervision probably won’t help their negotiating position.

But despite all that, I’m told K Stephen Gostkowski — tendered at the second-round level by the Patriots in February — has signed an injury protection deal and is participating in the Patriots offseason program.

He’s one of three Patriot RFAs in this position. I haven’t nailed down whether Logan Mankins and Pierre Woods have reported or not.

Woods, of course, was given the low tender, meaning there’s no draft-pick compensation affixed to him, and leaving the door open for his eventual departure. Mankins, tendered at the first- and third-round level, is in a position like Elvis Dumervil’s in Denver. Dumervil clearly would command a long-term, big-money deal, and so he’s sitting out the Broncos’ offseason program while he seeks one from the team. It would certainly be understandable for Mankins to take a similar approach.


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