Patten looking for his chance


FOXBOROUGH — No. 86 is back with the New England Patriots and it’s not Chris Baker. Wide receiver David Patten met with the New England media today, making his first appearance since signing with the Patriots last month.

Patten played with the Patriots from 2001-2004 and was in the midst of deciding whether or not he was going to retire when he watched his former teams the Patriots and the Saints play in November.

That game sparked Patten’s desire to return to football because he believed he could help the Patriots. While Patten was rooting for the young receivers he worked with while with the Saints (2007-2008), he noticed the Patriots were struggling. So after the 38-17 Pats loss, Patten reached out to Tom Brady.


“I texted Tom after the game not thinking he would get the text because it was right after the game,” Patten said. “I said, ‘Hey man, tell Coach I think I still have some more left if y’all need some help.’ ”

“And he text me back. The game probably wasn’t over until about 11:30, so he probably text me maybe about 12, 12:15 and he was like, ‘Chief, you know if it was up to me, you would be back.’ So lo and behold, I don’t know if that sparked a little interest or what have you but here I am, so let’s hope for the best.”

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