So how about Tebow? Just pretty good


So what did Tim Tebow prove here in Gainesville today? He’s coachable.

He was moving his feet quicker, and holding the ball higher, and looked leaner than he sdid at the Senior Bowl, and most everyone took notice of the remarkable difference. Tebow proved how bad he wants to improve, and how willing he is to deconstruct his own game to do so.

Now the bad news: The fundamental problems are still there. He still struggles with accuracy, even without defenders to cover his receivers. The long windup has been replaced with a pause that similarly telegraphs his throws. He looked very mechanical when forced to boot out and simulate play-action. And once he was forced to move off his spot, or roll out, and things broke down, the ball dropped back down to his hips, his worked-over mechanics slacked and his accuracy worsened.

So yes, Tebow took the coaching, like everyone knew he would. But what’ll be harder — and why I think he ultimately won’t make it as an NFL quarterback — is making changes instinctive. That is, making it so when the bullets are flying, he’s not reverting.

“It’s clear that he’s made some adjustments already,” said Browns president and noted QB guru Mike Holmgren. “The challenge for anybody — not just Tim, but anybody that plays that position — is when you make the changes, you can do it in a workout, at a combine, but what happens when you’re playing and you’re competing and it’s happening fast. Can you do it then?”

Bottom line: Tebow needed to be spectacular today, and wound up doing little to debunk the knocks on him. He was plenty good, just not great, and that’s what’s necessary to really impress people in these controlled settings.

As for the Patriots’ interest, my guess is that his accuracy problems, plus the lack of a body of work with NFL-type quarterback decision-making, would make him a tough fit as a quarterback in New England. Then again, we’ve seen Bill Belichick and Co. get creative before (Julian Edelman), so I wouldn’t rule anything out.


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