Things are slow … everywhere


With a smaller, older group of free agents out there, spending and movement has, to a certain degree, been curtailed this offseason.

And so the Patriots sit without a single addition from the outside to this point.

Unusual? Actually, no, it isn’t. Consider this: The Dallas Cowboys have had zero movement. No, really. No free agents leaving, no players on the team given new deals and none coming from the outside to America’s Team. My old employer, the Dallas Morning News, reported on it this morning. I can tell you that Dallas’ original plan was to sit out the first weekend of free agency and reassess from there, but it seems like, for now at least, they’re happy standing pat. Besides, their big fish that was slated to jump in the 2010 pond — DeMarcus Ware — was taken care of in November.

The Patriots did the same with Vince Wilfork, Stephen Neal, Tully Banta-Cain and Leigh Bodden, while also extending tender offers to Logan Mankins, Pierre Woods and Stephen Gostkowski. The total money committed to those seven is, in fact, less than Julius Peppers got in his new deal in Chicago.

If you want a quick reset, with Benjamin Watson and Jarvis Green gone, only Derrick Burgess and Chris Hanson remain on the market off the 2009 Patriots roster. So what’s next, likely, will be to find outside talent to bring in. In what form or fashion that happens, really, is the important question.


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