Brady’s boxing in L.A.


Thanks to our good friends over at Pro Football Talk, we caught wind of this post at a blog called Faded Youth.

The pictures of Tom Brady were taken on Friday at a Beverly Hills gym, and follow these photos taken of Brady throwing on UCLA’s practice fields.

Think he’s not taking the offseason seriously? Chris wrote about this yesterday, and I totally agree: There is NO questioning Brady’s commitment to football. Period. End of story.

Not enough appreciation has been given to what Brady played through (ribs, finger, shoulder) last year, beyond just coming back from a shredded ACL and MCL. The fact that he threw for 4,398 yards and 28 touchdowns (both of which would be career highs, if not for his record-breaking 2007) is a testament to his toughness, and his passion for football.


So he’s boxing and throwing and running and lifting and conditioning in Southern California, rather than Eastern Massachusetts? So what?

It’s not unusual for players to spend pieces of the offseason other places, and besides, this part is voluntary. That’s V-O-L-U-N-T-A-R-Y. It’ll be a bigger deal if he’s not there for OTAs and passing camps, which also happen to be voluntary.

But as for what’s happening right now, don’t worry about it. This isn’t a high school team. And my guess is that Brady’s readiness for the season is the last of the Patriots’ worries.

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