Fisher still pumping Crumpler


Alge Crumpler is on his way out of Tennessee, but that doesn’t mean Titans coach Jeff Fisher is changing his feelings on the veteran tight end.

Fisher loves the guy, and thinks the Patriots have gotten themselves more than just a stout presence in the running game.

“He’s got a lot left,” Fisher said. “He’s a terrific person, a great team guy and he’s got a lot of plays left. I was disappointed we weren’t able to keep him.”

Last week, one of the Titans’ young tight ends, Jared Cook, came out and spoke on what kind of mentor Crumpler was, and that’s something on which Fisher would concur.

“He’s a great locker room guy,” Fisher said, “We’ve got a great young group of tight ends as well.”

That explains why Tennessee had the flexibility to let him go. But Fisher’s desire to try and keep him anyway should, at the very least, be a bit heartening to all you guys.


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