Hello (again) from Florida


It’ll be Orlando in a little bit, after I load up the rental car, and trek 85 miles cross-state for the NFL’s Annual Meeting.

Things start, officially, tomorrow, but there’ll be plenty going on today at the Ritz-Carlton Grande Lakes.

All those attractions there on the right? Yeah, I’ll be seeing a lot more of the hotel lobby than Disney or Universal this week, and that means we’ll be digging up stuff and posting here through Wednesday.

In my Sunday NFL Notes, I covered — with the help of Patriots owner Robert Kraft — some of the business matters the league’s powers will cover this week. As for the on-field stuff, there’s a big rule change coming on the agenda: Overtime.

The proposal on the table is having the first team to six win the game in a modified sudden-death format. Titans coach Jeff Fisher, a long-time competition committee member and the co-chairman, rubber-stamps the idea here. What he doesn’t mention is how the idea was posed to him a year ago by our own Chris Gasper. No crap.

I’m in favor of an eight- or 10-minute period that gets played to the finish, myself. People say that the college overtime bastardizes the game by taking special teams out of the equation. Well, doesn’t the current OT take clock management — a major part of play for the previous four quarters — out of the competition? Problem is that this would lengthen games further, increase injury risk, and push into 60 Minutes and The Simpsons for the networks, so it’s a tough sell from a business standpoint.

The Father of Modified Overtime (he’ll be happy to take credit for it) will be joining me in Mickey Mouse Land this afternoon, and our newest teammate is already on her way. See you guys from there.


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