Sapp talks Patriots in draft diary


Ricky Sapp is one of the dozens of players the Patriots have held/will hold private workouts with.

But the Clemson defensive end is not just another run-of-the-mill guy to put on some list. For one thing, if the Patriots want him, they’ll have to take him in the first round. For another, where some of the super-productive rushers in this draft (Brandon Graham, Jerry Hughes) are the sawed-off types, Sapp fits the Patriots’ outside linebacker mold — He measured smidge under 6-4, at a lanky 252 pounds (34.5-inch arms), at the combine, and ran an official time of 4.66.

Anyway, Sapp’s doing a draft diary for his hometown newspaper, and he gave readers of the Orangeburg (S.C.) Times and Democrat a peek behind the curtain on workouts with the Patriots and the Eagles. Take a look:

Earlier this week two teams came down to Clemson to watch me work out.
On Tuesday me and another teammate of mine, Kavell Conner (LB), worked
out for the New England Patriots. The New England Patriots are a very
private organizaton, our workout was private and extremely long. I
started around 9 that morning and did not finish until 3 that afternoon.

the good thing about all that was … I think they liked me even more
after our private workout. I got great feedback from the coach that was
there, which really motivated me!

On Friday I worked out alone
with the Philadelphia Eagles. My business manager, Max Hirsh, came down
to watch me work out for the Eagles, because he is a HUGE Eagles fan.
That workout was short and before I knew it, it was over. I mean it was
a total of 40 minutes. I got great reviews back from that coach as well.


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