Belichick lauds Tebow


Bill Belichick loves versatility in a player.

Bill Belichick loves high-character guys who are team players with an undying love of football.

Bill Belichick has a bit of a personal relationship with Tim Tebow.

So could Tebow, Gainesville God and the greatest winner in college football end up playing for Belichick?

We will find out in a little over a month, when the NFL Draft is conducted, but Belichick was quick to offer praise to Florida’s favorite son this morning.

“Great career, great player,” Belichick said when Tebow’s name was brought up.

Of his much-ballyhooed flawed throwing motion, which Tebow has been working to change for several weeks, Belichick said, “I think it’s obvious that in the last six weeks, his mechanics, he’s worked on them and they’ve improved, which is a credit to him. He’s very coachable and he works very hard. I’m sure that whatever he feels he needs to do he’ll work very hard at, whatever that is. Athletically, he tested very well at the Combine, which you can see on the field.”
Though Tebow continues to work on his throwing motion — he holds the ball too low, by his hip, when he’s waiting to pass where defenders would easily be able to smack it out of his hand — there is talk that he may be asked to play a different position in the NFL.

Belichick believes a change wouldn’t be an issue.

“My sense of Tim Tebow is that if you asked him to play nose (tackle), he’d play nose. I think he’s that kind of kid, where whatever you ask him to do he’ll do,” Belichick said. “He’s a real interesting player. He’s had a great career, obviously it speaks for itself. He’s had tremendous production, they hardly ever lose. He’s a good kid.

“There’s a lot to like about him.”


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