Kraft pleased OT passes

NFL owners have just voted 28-4 in favor of changing overtime for playoff games, meaning that in future postseason contests each team will get an opportunity to possess the ball if the first team to possess does not score a touchdown.

Twenty-four votes were needed for passage. 

“We worked hard on that,” Patriots owner Robert Kraft said before hopping into a towncar headed for the airport and then his flight back to Massachusetts. “Very hard. I think we did something positive for the fans. I’m really happy it was passed.”

Kraft added that applying the new rules to the regular season will be discussed in the future, though the NFL Players’ Association opposes that move.


During a Monday breakfast with Boston reporters Kraft said that New England would vote yes for the change, and commissioner Roger Goodell also supported the measure. He spent time this afternoon trying to convince those who were on the fence to vote in favor.

Buffalo, Minnesota, Baltimore and Cincinnati were the four dissenting votes. 

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