Kraft’s rooting interest tonight


Being the owner of the Patriots, and having lived just about his entire life a pretty poor market for college sports, you might think Robert Kraft would hardly even know the Elite Eight kicks off tonight.

And you’d be wrong. Kraft’s actually an avid fan of college football and basketball, having traveled quite a bit to take in games, and tonight, he’ll even have a rooting interest.

His pal, John Calipari, will lead Kentucky into battle with West Virginia at 7:05 p.m. tonight, and you can bet the Patriots owner will be waving the pom-poms for the Wildcats. The relationship between these man started when Calipari was at UMass, where Kraft’s wife Myra served on the board of trustees, and has grown from there.


A couple years ago, when Calipari was leading Memphis to the championship game, the coach had Kraft as a sounding board, and earlier this year, Kraft addressed Calipari’s team after it dispatched Florida down in Gainesville in January.

Not sure if the Patriots owner will be there in Syracuse to cheer Cal and Co. on, but it wouldn’t shock me. Enjoy the action tonight.

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