Meriweather wants to be a Globetrotter?

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Yup. That’s what he told Patriots Today’s Brian Lowe.

The video evidence is right here, from Brandon Meriweather’s appearance at the Harlem Globetrotter game in Providence on Saturday.

Meriweather said he just wanted to avoid embarrassment in taking the floor, and he seemed to do a better job of that than these guys did (Sorry Tony and Mike). And the Patriots safety shared that he was so entralled by the show when he went as a kid that, yes, he wanted to don that shade of red-white-and-blue.

“I actually wanted to do it then, but I realized I wasn’t that creative,” Meriweather told Lowe. “That was my earliest memory of the Globetrotters. Ever since then, I’ve always wanted to come to their shows, but I never had a chance to.”

He came on the floor at halftime, and he and three Globetrotter players put on a mock football show. Meriweather slipped into his Patriots duds, and the Harlem guys pulled out New England jerseys of their own. One had Tom Brady’s. Another had Randy Moss’.

The other guy? He pulled on Adalius Thomas’ 96. Uhhhh … yeah. About that one …


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