Putting Pro Days in perspective


I was among the sick people watching Sam Bradford’s Pro Day over at SoonerSports.com (He looked great, by the way … Go to my Twitter page for more on that).

And early on, our buddy Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports tweeted that the Patriots were in attendance.

So that means New England was scouting Bradford, right? Not so fast … The Patriots met with Jermaine Gresham and did some board work with the big tight end down there in Norman in the last few days. Gresham, as I wrote in my Sunday Notes a few weeks ago, decided to help his buddy Sam out and go through a second Pro Day (he worked out at OU’s official Pro Day in early March.)

My guess? The Patriots were there to look at Gresham, which brings up a larger point here.

It struck me when I was at Florida’s Pro Day a couple weeks back how people connected the dots and assumed every team that was there in force was there to check out Tim Tebow. Yes, Tebow was the star of the show, but the fact is that he might not be among the first five Gators drafted this year.

Perfect example: Browns president Mike Holmgren, GM Tom Heckert and coach Eric Mangini were in Gainesville. Do they want Tebow? Maybe. But he wouldn’t be a consideration with the seventh pick in the draft, and there was a player there — cornerback Joe Haden — who would be.

All of that is to say be careful what you assume around this time of year. And I’ll try to too.


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