Sammy Morris takes a youthful approach


FOXBOROUGH — The Patriots group of running backs may not be getting any younger, but Sammy Morris isn’t concerned about age.

Morris turned 33 last week and is entering his 11th season on a roster that features three running backs over 30. Fred Taylor turned 34 in January and Kevin Faulk will be 34 in June. The youth is represented in Laurence Maroney who turned 25 last month and BenJarvus Green-Ellis, who will be 25 in July.

As a unit, the group proved last season they could play special teams, handle third down calls, or a bulk of the carries when needed.

“You’ve got a lot of guys that do a lot of things well that are compliments for each other,” Morris said. “… I think we’ve got a good group and I think it helps us out a lot as far as keeping us fresher and having to step in with injuries which is part of the game.”


There isn’t a secret to being an over 30 running back in this league, Morris said.

“I think it’s kind of something that you should learn along the way or something you could learn along the way,” Morris said. “I’ve played with a lot of guys, not just running backs, who have played for a long time, so it would be foolish of me not to take something from everybody across the board.”

Morris missed four games with a knee injury he suffered against the Titans last season. He ended the year with two touchdowns, 319 yards on 73 carries during the regular season.
When the group is healthy, Morris said sharing carries helps with longevity for everyone.
“Even for a younger guy, I don’t think that they could just continue to take the pounding like that especially in a physical position but that plays a factor and after that the onus is on us to take care of ourselves,” Morris said.
Diet and conditioning play a large part in staying fit throughout the season, Morris said. He isn’t ready to put a timetable on his career just yet.
“I just keep going and going,” Morris said. “I don’t want to get to the point where I can say I can play two more and shut it down after two, when I actually could go more. I’m just going year to year and right now I still feel pretty good.”

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