Hoyer on a challenge from Tebow: ‘Bring him. Let’s go.’


Brian Hoyer isn’t afraid of a little competition.

The Patriots’ backup quarterback (he says he’s still a rookie — and treated like one at Gillette — though in the eyes of the NFL he’s a second-year player) was asked about Tim Tebow, Tebow’s ballyhooed dinner with Bill Belichick this week, and the potential of the team drafting Tebow to challenge him as Tom Brady’s backup.

“Bring him. Let’s go,” Hoyer said. “He’s a great player…I think he’s a great athlete.”

Though he was an undrafted rookie last year, Hoyer was really the only quarterback on the roster behind Brady, so it would seem safe to assume the Patriots like what they have in him. But Hoyer learned years ago that no roster spot is ever secure.


“There’s always going to be competition. For me coming in last year, there were a bunch of guys here [Kevin O’Connell, Matt Gutierrez, Andrew Walter]. Wherever you go, there’s going to be competition,” he said. “I’ll never forget when I was being recruited at Michigan State I was like, ‘well you guys have a bunch of quarterbacks here.’ And one of the coaches was, ‘There’s always going to be quarterbacks wherever you go. You’re always going to have to compete.'”

Hoyer knows it sounds a bit crazy, but he admits that last year he wanted to push Brady.

If he was bent of pushing one of the greatest of his generation, Hoyer clearly won’t have a problem taking on a rookie or two.

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