Brady supported Stallworth in tough time


Anyone I know who’s spent even a few minutes around Donte’ Stallworth wants to like the guy. It’s just the personality he has.

So after what happened in Miami in 2009, I didn’t think I was the only one who thought to himself: Sometimes good people do bad things.

Well, as it turns out, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who spent the 2007 season with Stallworth as a teammate, seems to feel that way and you can sure as heck put a lot more stock in his opinion here. Check out this excerpt from Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback, over at

A text message arrived to Stallworth’s phone on the day of the
accident. It read, “A lot of people know the kind of person you are.
You’re a good person.”

Tom Brady, his quarterback in 2007.

Pretty cool story to hear. Brady and Stallworth, both being from Northern California, had a relationship before the two became teammates, and I remember how excited the quarterback was to have the receiver aboard back then. Of course, it’s easy to be fired up about that for a signal-caller.

I’d say it says a lot more about Brady that he was supportive of his friend when it really wasn’t popular to be.


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