Report: Price visiting Patriots

This one is interesting. According to, UCLA defensive tackle Brian Price is set to visit the Patriots.


Why is this more than just a little intriguing? Well, if Price is under consideration for one of New England’s second-round picks, it’s pretty important to note that he’s seen as a penetrating, 3-technique-type of tackle. We’ll have more of my thoughts on the Damione Lewis’s signing later, but I can tell you now that Lewis, too, is more of an upfield, attacking type of of defensive tackle.

Could this be part of a scheme change? Remember, the Patriots have reworked the on-field approach of defensive linemen (most prominently, Vince Wilfork) in the past to fit their scheme, and so it’s possible that the sawed-off Price could project as a nose, ultimately, for New England (may not be long enough to play 5-tech end). And in the nickel, most of those 3-4 defensive ends and nose tackles become upfield players anyway, so it’s not like there’s no use for those types, if you don’t use them in the base.


Still, if the Patriots start stocking up on those kinds of players, you have to wonder if it’s to do more than beef up their interior rush.

Want some more on Price? Here’s some video, courtesy of ESPN, from his Pro Day at UCLA, and here’s a bit more on his story.

He joins a group — among the 30 players the Patriots are allowed to invite to Foxborough — that includes Florida QB Tim Tebow, Tennessee RB Montario Hardesty, Tennessee DT Dan Williams and Texas Christian DE Jerry Hughes.

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