Is the heat off the Patriots?

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The Patriots were once America’s darlings. Then, they won too much, and became hated. And then, 2007 happened, and the hate got turned up to a whole new level.

It’s now 2010. Is the vitriol gone?

One thing I missed during my vacation was the case made by’s Tim Graham that the Jets — with their cover boy quarterback, swaggering defense, big-mouthed coach and bullying mentality — have overtaken the Patriots in the department of “despised”. Check it out:

There has been a noticeable turn within the AFC East and perhaps the entire
league when it comes to the most hated team. Based on reader feedback and the
disdain expressed on sports-talk shows and message boards, the Jets have
replaced the Patriots as the team opposing fans love to hate.

While the relatively dull Patriots bowed meekly from the first round of
the playoffs, the Jets continued to churn out material upon which their
detractors could harp. The ultimate AFC East putdown has changed from Spygate
comments to snide remarks about Ryan’s weight.

Of course, nobody would
say a peep if the Jets weren’t good. Being loathed means you’re worth the

Do you guys agree? Is it good to be hated? Feel free to fill it up in the comments section.


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