Bruschi on McNabb/Bledsoe comparison


After Donovan McNabb was dealt within the NFC East, the comparisons were drawn between this in-division trade between the Redskins and Eagles and another one, back in 2002.

Yes, the Patriots felt OK dealing Drew Bledsoe to the division rival Bills, the same way Andy Reid was alright with trading McNabb to D.C.

If you’re looking for insight into the Eagles’ thinking, I think that’s probably the best piece of history you find to draw it. And one of the guys who was there — Tedy Bruschi — reviewed the situation on Sportscenter this morning before the McNabb press conference.

But first, he raised an important point: “There was a little bit of a different situation there, because we had a quarterback that had already helped us win the Super Bowl in Tom Brady. You have Kevin Kolb there, somewhat unproven. And there are some question marks about Kevin Kolb — Can he be the same quarterback Donovan McNabb was?”

Then, Bruschi got to the heart of the matter and delved into the way the Eagles approached this one, and how the Patriots all those years ago approached dealing Bledsoe …

“Once Drew Bledsoe went to the Bills, I already knew how we were going to play him. Andy Reid talked about being comfortable with this. We were comfortable with this trade because we knew Drew inside and out. We knew his strengths, but we also knew his weaknesses, what he didn’t like, where he didn’t like pressure, what type of throws that were tough for him to make. Who knows Donovan McNabb better than Andy Reid? Especially when it comes to weaknesses. I think Andy Reid feels comfortable playing against him twice a year.


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