Murrell adjusting to new life as Patriot


FOXBOROUGH — Patriots linebacker Marques Murrell doesn’t take his NFL moments for granted. Murrell is entering his third NFL season after being picked up as an undrafted free agent by the Jets out of Appalachian State.

After two seasons with the Jets, Murrell was left to search for another home and found a place with the Patriots. Coming out of a small school, Murrell said he continues to feel like he has something to fight for.

“I’m always in that must prove myself position, but that’s fine,” he said. “That just comes with the territory right now and how I came into the NFL as a free agent. Everything I get in the league I have to fight for it. You can look at that as a blessing or a curse.


“Some guys who are able to go to these big schools, they don’t quite understand how hard you have to work … I look at it more as a blessing because God blessed me to have this opportunity.”

Murrell said he considers himself a special teams player first and is taking the time to learn a little bit of everything about his new team.

Getting a chance to workout with the Patriots at this time of year is important for Murrell, who said he did not know many players on the Patriots roster.
“It’s very important because when you come in right at OTAs, you really don’t speak too much,” he said. “Guys can introduce themselves, but you’re really not too familiar with everybody. I personally think that just understanding the workout and what we’re trying to achieve here is really good versus coming in at the last second.”
Murrell is the younger brother of Adrian Murrell, who was a running back with the Jets from 1993-1997. In his time watching his older brother, Murrell said he learned quite a bit.
“Just as a child coming up watching him play and watching him make big plays, and in the summer time watching everybody work out and being around NFL players at a young age kind of influenced me from a young age that if I wanted to make it to this level you got to work hard to get there,” he said.

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