Pats RB Faulk would welcome Tebow


FOXBOROUGH — Patriots running back Kevin Faulk didn’t get to meet Tim Tebow when he was in town for a visit, but Faulk said he is a fan of the quarterback.

“He’s a winner that’s all I got to say,” Faulk said. “Who doesn’t want a winner on their team.”

Faulk said he was out of town when Tebow was in Foxborough, but he “would have loved to (meet Tebow). I’m a fan.”

The offseason has been pretty busy for Faulk. He took a few minutes to meet with reporters today and said he is excited about playing his 12th season in New England. Faulk re-signed with the Patriots in March a one-year deal.


Getting the contract out of the way allowed Faulk and his wife, Latisha, to resume planning a ceremony to renew their vows that took place last week. The couple celebrated their 10-year anniversary with the event in Carencro, La. Faulk said there were about 250 guests at the event.

To have everything out of the way is a “relief,” he said.

As Faulk enters his 12th season, he said he hasn’t changed much with his offseason training. But he admits that everything doesn’t stay the same physically in that time. Faulk was asked if he is faster now at this point in his career.

“Faster? definitely not. Stronger? Yeah, I think so, but I think the most important part is being smarter as a football player on the field and off the field,” he said.

Faulk also weighed in on Donovan McNabb’s trade to the Redskins. As members of the 1999 draft class, Faulk said he and McNabb have developed a friendship over the years.
“He’s a good friend of mine and they’ve been criticizing him for a long time and he’s done nothing but good things for Philly and a lot of fans don’t appreciate it but like he said, he believes he’s done done a lot of great things there,” Faulk said. “He came up short a couple of years but he enjoyed his time there. If he’s happy with it, I love it.”

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