How about Marshawn Lynch?


Earlier this morning FOTB (friend of this blog) Tim Graham posted about the possibility of Bills RB Marshawn Lynch being traded on his AFC East blog. And since, some of you have reached out to me on the possibility that New England could dip its toe into the pool on this one.

I don’t want to spend the whole day shooting down trade rumors but . . . it’s tough to see this one happening either.

The amazing thing about the Patriots’ history with Lynch is the lack of it. He’s played in just three of the Bills’ six games against New England during his three years in the league, and has carried the ball 42 times for 145 yards (3.45 average) and caught two passes for six yards in those contests.

Dug a little deeper, too, looking for comments for Bill Belichick — who does the Lou Holtz thing with most opposing players — and had to go back to 2007 to find flattering comments. Back then, before the Patriots’ second meeting with Buffalo, he said, “There’s no rookie I have more respect for than what Lynch has done this year, in every phase of the game – running, passing, blitz pick-up. He’s made a lot of tough yards, he’s made a lot of yards in the open field, he’s blocked well when he’s been called on to do that.”

That was nice and all. Lynch then sat out, and in commenting on Buffalo backs since, it’s been Fred Jackson receiving most of the Belichick bouquets. So beyond the whole trading-inside-the-division thing between Buffalo and New England, I’m not sure the Patriots would be falling over themselves to deal for Lynch in the first place.


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