Fun with draft boards, Twitter

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Earlier today, we linked you up with a story from the Denver Post on the Broncos’ draft strategy and an anecdote in the piece that said the Patriots once went into the NFL’s big selection weekend with just 25 prospects on their “short board”.

Considering how the Patriots have always done things a little differently (i.e. not subscribing to the larger scouting services, using innovative techniques to drill prospects), I don’t think seeing anything on the team’s process would really surprise anyone. They’ve been innovative in this area, and had a lot of success handling it their way.

Their reaction to the in-depth piece was a little different, though. Courtesy of the @realpatriots official Twitter feed:

Don’t believe
everything you read. Reports of Patriots past draft boards w/only 25
players on it is fiction & merely a small fraction of #.

Can’t remember the last time the Patriots were this public about something like this, or why they’re so sensitive about something (an anecdote in a Colorado paper, no less) that’s part of such a cloaked process. It’s interesting, to say the least.


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