How do War Rooms work?


With all the lying and misleading that happens in the NFL this time of year, there’s one bastion of truth where everyone is open about their feelings — The War Room.

So you can imagine the draft-day bunker being a pretty secure place. And that’s why it’s worth noting when we can peek inside, and the Denver Post’s Jeff Legwold gave everyone a look at how the Broncos stack their board and, in turn, provided insight into the Patriots’ process under which coach Josh McDaniels learned. Check it out …

Last April, the Broncos made 10 selections from a board that included fewer than 100 names. The draft included 256 players, and some teams had more than 300 names on their board.

“We want the players on our board that we want on our team — that’s the goal,” McDaniels said. “It’s the process we go through to make the best decisions, both short- and long-term for our team.”

Legwold’s story had an extraordinary number in it: 25. That’s how many players, it was written, that the Patriots had on their draft board one year. No kidding. It’s an interesting strategy in an area of roster-stocking that the Patriots haven’t done as well in over the last four years as they had in the past.


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