Is Dez worth the risk?

Watch the above video … And it’s obvious the kind of mesmerizing talent that Dez Bryant has.

By now, just about every visitor to this blog knows about the former Oklahoma State star’s trip to Massachusetts late last week. You probably also know about all his problems. It seems like everyone has an opinion on the guy.


So I thought it’d be interesting to spin this one backwards a bit. Back in December, I did some work coming off the end of the college season, and talked to a scout I know about the top prospects. Dez Bryant’s name was among the first four he mentioned — Right there with Ndamukong Suh, Gerald McCoy and Eric Berry. Here was his assessment then:


“A Top 10 talent, but there’s going to be some scary stuff that comes out personality-wise. He’s got some stuff in his background, and he’s definitely scary from that standpoint. That, and he drops ball, has these concentration lapses. Really, after you see him, you expect him to catch everything, because he has that ability to make the highlight catch. But he drops easy passes, and sometimes shies away from contact. But the guy is explosive and can make it look easy.

“He can cover 30, 40 yards like that. He’s a special athlete. He did only play the first three games of this year. The problem is you see how explosive, how effortless he is, and since there’s a lot of drops, you’re having to go back to the 2008 and his sophomore film to see how capable he is of dominating. I do think some teams — if they can get past the dropped balls and get past the Deion thing — will be enamored. Either way, a lock for the Top 20.”

Since then, not all that much has changed. Some of that “scary stuff” came out in this story from our pal Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports. Some felt the fact that he forgot his cleats, and ran a slower 40 than expected at his pro day, confirms the immaturity concern.


And as I wrote in my Sunday Notes today, that brings up the diva wideout conundrum for decision-makers. You don’t want to be the guy who a) takes Charles Rogers or b) passes on Randy Moss.’s Don Banks (who covered Moss as a beat guy in Minnesota) dares draw the comparison between the Patriots star and Bryant, and it sounds like Bryant isn’t backing away from it. Which just adds to the intrigue with, perhaps, the most interesting guy in this draft.

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