Belichick: ‘Every team is going to improve’


This AFC East offseason is starting to remind me of my days covering the NFC East.

Splashy moves. Controversial names. Big headlines, major story lines, and the NFL remaining in the public consciousness right up through the offseason.

Over the first weekend of free agency, the Dolphins grabbed Karlos Dansby and the Jets dealt for Antonio Cromartie. And this week, the market heated up again, with Santonio Holmes becoming a Jet and Brandon Marshall becoming a Dolphin.

Meanwhile, the Patriots re-signed their own, and were conservative in importing players. Bill Belichick’s take on the whole thing?

“Look, every team is going to improve by next weekend,” he said. “Whoever a team drafts, whatever moves they make, they’ll be a better team than they are right now. I think that’s obvious. I think the biggest thing is to improve our team.


“We all know teams make moves in the offseason to bring players on their team and how they fit, we ourselves don’t know until all the pieces come together and everything gets put in and you actually have a body of work to evaluate – preseason games, practices, some regular-season games. I think right now, for us to project how it’s all going to turn out, other than the way it looks on paper is stretching it quite a bit.”

But that’s kind of what we’re left to do, with the next chapter (unless some other bombshell drops first, which I guess we shouldn’t rule out) coming next weekend.

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