Patrick Chung wrapping up rookie experience


FOXBOROUGH — In a couple of weeks, a new batch of rookies will be on their way to Gillette Stadium. Last season, Patrick Chung and Darius Butler (in picture above) were part of the rookie class.

Chung may be shedding the rookie label soon, but he said he will continue to work like a rookie as he prepares for his second NFL season.

“They say from your rookie year to your second year is the most important,” Chung said.

So Chung has been mostly in New England this off season working out and watching plenty of film from last season, he said.


As the next round of rookies get ready to enter the league, Chung reflected on his experience today. In the weeks before the draft, Chung said he made a visit with the Patriots.

“It was actually very laid back,” Chung said. “It was casual talking. It was fun; it was nice.”

From that conversation, Chung said he didn’t know if the Patriots would select him, which they did in the second round last year.

“You never really know,” Chung said. “It wasn’t enough to know yeah, the’yre going to take me, but it was enough to be relaxed around them. … You never know who is going to take you. …”

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