More from Thomas, on talk of joining Jets


Jets’ linebacker Bart Scott inadvertently created a bit of a storm for his friend and former Ravens teammate, Adalius Thomas, earlier this year when he said Thomas wanted to play for in New York if he is released by New England.

And that led to an avalanche’s worth of criticism for Thomas.

During our breakfast conversation yesterday, Thomas brought up the brouhaha as part of a longer answer about a different topic:

“I got an email that I was getting killed on one of the radio stations up there [in Boston] about something Bart Scott said. He plays for the Jets. I played with Bart. Did we talk about it? Yeah. But that’s not how the conversation went,” Thomas said. “But I don’t think he had time on a TV interview to say, ‘This was said and this was said…’


“Everyone has me going to the Jets because of Rex Ryan. I also played for (Bengals head coach) Marvin Lewis, (49ers head coach) Mike Singletary, (Jacksonville head coach) Jack Del Rio, (Miami defensive coordinator) Mike Nolan. So why don’t they ever include those people in the conversation, those teams? Because that doesn’t sell.”

Scott’s comments came in early March, during an appearance on ESPN’s “Mike & Mike” program.

Thomas feels Scott’s words — he said Thomas has “expressed an interest in joining Rex” — opened the floodgates for New England media to “say what they’ve really been wanting to say” about him.

“You don’t really know what happened; you don’t really know what was said,” Thomas said. “I think it’s better to understand than to be understood sometimes. Sometimes you’re going to be misunderstood; I’m fine with that. I am, because you can’t get your point across to everybody.”

Thomas’ mention of Mike Nolan as one of his former coaches offered another possible reason why the Patriots haven’t yet released him. Nolan is now the Dolphins’ defensive coordinator; when Thomas hit the free agent market in 2007, Nolan was the head coach in San Francisco and the 49ers and Pats were reportedly the finalists for his services.


The Dolphins are without Joey Porter and could be without Jason Taylor, so they have a need at pass rush, and Thomas knows Nolan’s system.

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