Schedule’s leaking out


The schedule is starting to leak out, and so two nuggets have emerged in regards to the Patriots.

First, according to the Detroit News, New England will indeed — as has been reported — visit the Lions on Thanksgiving, which is awesome (since Detroit is where most of my family lives). And second, the Patriots will travel to Pittsburgh on Nov. 14 for a Sunday nighter, according to WDVE (via Mac’s Football Blog), the Steelers’ flagship radio station.

There’s not a whole lot more to add on the Lions’ game, other than the fact that Detroit will have to travel to Dallas the Sunday prior, which makes things a little more difficult on the Turkey Day hosts.

As for the Steelers game, there’s large significance to the timing, something we mentioned earlier here. Since the game is in mid-November, chances are the Patriots aren’t going to be a beneficiary of a Ben Roethlisberger suspension.

That thing could last two or four or even six games, but it’s probably not lasting 10, which is what it would take to take Big Ben out of that game.

We’ll keep you posted on this schedule stuff, being just over an hour out of the official announcement now.


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