Holt: “I still have plenty of football left to play. …”

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Torry Holt is 33 years old and has played 11 seasons in the NFL and he believes he is ready for one more.

Holt spoke with members of the media moments ago and said he is ready to contribute to the Patriots offense.

“I still have plenty of football left to play,” Holt said. “I honestly believe that. I train, I prepare that way. I think that way. I carry myself that way, so it’s just a matter of continuing and being given the opportunity to play and to make plays for the football team and I think coming to New England, hopefully, I’ll have an opportunity to do that.”


The Patriots went to Joey Galloway last year to find their extra veteran receiver and the results weren’t pretty. Holt said he understands he will be joining a complicated offense, but he can draw from his experience to help break it down.

“The Patriots offensive scheme is complex, but it’s fair and it’s fun,” he said. “For receivers, it’s definitely a system that you want to be a part of.”

The biggest challenge may be learning the different terminology but everything else is about experience, he said.

“I’ll be able to draw from St. Louis as well as Jacksonville,” Holt said. “A lot of the teams in the NFL run some of the same concepts in terms of routes. … In terms of recognizing the concepts in terms of routes and how things are done, I can pick up on that fairly quickly.

“For me the challenge will be learning the language and learning Tom [Brady] and seeing what it is he expects play after play, what he’s thinking, those type of things you learn after you get on the field and start to practice with him. It will be a challenge I’m sure, early on, but if you’re passionate and you love football and you want to go out and help the team and be part of it you’ll go out and you’ll learn it and you’ll learn it pretty quickly.”


Holt began his interview by thanking the Patriots for giving him a chance to continue to play in the NFL. Throughout the offseason, Holt said his agent was in talks with the Patriots to close the deal.
Holt said he was in Foxborough yesterday and had a chance to meet with members of the Patriots briefly, including Tom Brady, running back Kevin Faulk and receiver Julian Edelman.
As Holt enters his 12th season, he said he has to be a complete package to succeed.
“I’m not as fast as I once was when I first came into the National Football League. I had a knee surgery, so I think that slowed me down in a sense, but I still have enough speed, enough sense of urgency, enough game speed to play and to be effective and to continue to make plays,” he said.

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