Dez dropping … to Patriots?!?


As I’m digging through draft stuff for tomorrow, I run into Peter King’s mock draft over at

Word is that Oklahoma State’s Dez Bryant could slide — as some have expected all along — into the 20s.

Peter’s mock reflects that. And he has (wait for it …) the Patriots taking the enigmatic, superbly-talent player 22d overall. Sports Illustrated’s football man writes: “‘Coach Belichick? Dez Bryant’s babysitter on line two.’ I don’t care. I love the pick.”

I think Bryant’s going to force a lot of teams to ask some pretty hard questions. Do you think you’re taking Randy Moss or passing on Mike Williams? Or vice versa?

It’s a tough one. And since it seems like there’s a decent shot the Patriots will be one of those clubs having to answer those questions, I figured I’d turn it over to all of you — Do you take Bryant if he’s there at 22?

Let’s take an informal poll in the comments section. Just say “yes” or “no”, and add more if you’d like, and I’ll tally it up later.


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