Moss draft’s 16th Most Valuable Pick

Moss.jpg’s been releasing its rankings — piece by piece — of most valuable draft picks over the last few days.

First came 51-75. No Patriots.

Then came 26-50. No Patriots.

Finally, we have one. Randy Moss. Yeah, he wasn’t actually a Patriots draft pick, but … close enough. Moss ranked 16th overall, as the 21st selection in the 1998 draft. The only guys ranked in front of him (with the Top 10 still yet to be revealed) are Mike Singletary (38th pick, 1981), Jim Brown (6th, 1957), Terry Bradshaw (1st, 1970), Ray Lewis (26th, 1996) and Troy Aikman (1st, 1989).

If you feel like reminiscing, here’s a video (with our buddy Wendi Nix of ESPN) detailing Moss’ journey to the pros.

The Top 10 most valuable draft picks will be revealed during the draft tomorrow. Here’s guessing that at least one guy actually drafted by New England will be involved.


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