People have spoken … Draft Dez!!!!

Earlier today, I put forth the question to you … Should the Patriots take Dez Bryant if he’s available at 22?

Not an easy question to answer, and the idea of selecting Bryant is something plenty of teams have spent plenty of time mulling over the last few weeks. You guys responded in force.

Plenty of good comments to sort through there, and of the 75 of them (at 8 p.m.), I came up with 64 that had pretty definitive answers.

The consensus: Yes, go ahead and take him. Got 39 in the “Yes” category and 25 in the “No” category. I’ll be sure to pass along word to the team.


I can say this: There are teams in the 20s that are gearing up for the possibility that he’ll slip into their neighborhood, because they’re expecting him to. And my feeling is that there might be some teams willing to move up to get him if he does slide, which could add another dynamic to the Patriots’ position at 22, since they’re sitting three spots ahead of the perceived “floor” for Bryant at 25.

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