And now … the trouble with Kindle


I told you guys earlier why I like the idea of taking Sergio Kindle with the 22nd pick. And added that I think the character concerns are way overblown, at least from what I’ve heard from people who’ve been around him.

But here’s something that old colleague Todd Archer of the Dallas Morning News pointed me to — Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has it that Kindle suffers from narcolepsy.

I don’t know enough about the condition to know what kind of problem it is. There is a passage in McGinn’s piece, though, that’s a little troubling.

Several sources said Kindle also suffers from narcolepsy, a disorder in
which he would fall asleep in meetings and Longhorn coaches wondered
what was wrong with him. He takes medication that has controlled the
narcolepsy and an attention-deficit issue.

Take it for what it’s worth.

Also, there’s increasing buzz that the Patriots like Dez Bryant. A lot. Enough, potentially, to take him at 22, if he slips there. I think that at least tells you that they’ve come to a comfort level with his issues.

Word is that there was a coach or two that simply didn’t like Bryant at Oklahoma State, and that some of the things that have been out there on him might be a bit heavy on emphasis. So for those of you that like him … Well, you might get your wish.


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