Belichick talks to NFL Network


About to load the wagon and head down to Foxborough for all the draft has to offer, but first I wanted to pass this link along to you guys.

It’s part of Mike Mayock’s interview with Patriots coach Bill Belichick that’ll be airing shortly on NFL Network.

I’ll be on the road, so you guys will have to fill me in on the whole thing, but the snippets offer in that piece are interesting to say the least.

One thing soundbyte stuck out to me. “The worst thing,” Belichick said, “is to have bad information.”

That’s a subject I covered in my wide-ranging piece in the Globe this morning. It’s something to keep in mind if Texas’ Sergio Kindle or Earl Thomas, or Florida’s Maurkice Pouncey, or Fresno State’s Ryan Mathews, or even Alabama’s Kareem Jackson are available to the Patriots. And the dynamic is especially strong with players who played for a coach like Saban, whose scheme is so similar to Belichick’s.


“It’s how (a player would) do it,” Belichick told me. “And then you look at a player with a different team and say, ‘Well, we’ve never really seen some of the things we’d ask him to do, so how do you think he’d do those things once he learns how to do them?’ That’s a question that we have to ask.

“But when you actually see someone playing the same scheme you play, it’s easy to evaluate. Ty Warren was another example, at Texas A&M, the defense he played under Slocum was very similar to what we do, so you could see him playing those techniques. He was an easier player to evaluate than other players that come from outside the scheme.”

See you guys in a little while.

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