Locking ‘Horns


Our business’ draft king — and a great mentor of mine — Rick “Goose” Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News has his final mock draft posted over at my old home site.

And like me, he’s got a Texas player slotted to the Patriots. But it’s not Sergio Kindle.

It’s safety Earl Thomas. Here’s a pretty good highlight reel on the kid (As a warning, there are some explicit lyrics in there). And here’s Goose’s take:

The Patriots have
defensive needs in this draft but also the luxury of taking the best
player on the board. It’s Thomas, who gives them a combination of a
cover safety and ballhawk. He had eight interceptions last fall.

I know a lot of you will look at this and say — But they’ve taken two safeties in the Top 35 picks over the last three years. Here’s the thing: If Thomas is there, he will be very, very difficult to pass up at 22. He’s that good a player.

I don’t think he’ll be there. Just my opinion, but if Thomas slips into the teens (which could happen if he gets past where I have him going, seventh to Cleveland), I think teams like Philadelphia and Dallas move aggressively to deal up and get him. If he gets into the 20s, Cincinnati will be factor at 21, also, I think.

Couple more interesting nuggets from Goose’s Mock: Georgia Tech’s Demaryius Thomas goes to the Dolphins at 12, and Dez Bryant falls to the Cowboys at 27 … Jimmy Clausen (30th to Minnesota) joins Bryant as a slider … Ryan Mathews (14th to Seattle) goes in front of C.J. Spiller (20th to Houston) … Brandon Graham (10th to Jacksonville) is the second edge rusher off the board, behind Derrick Morgan (7th to Cleveland) with Kindle falling out of the first round all together.

Like I said, this is a mock worth putting stock in. And it’s also worth your time to check out Goose’s Top 100, which is as close to a league consensus as I think there is out there. We’ll be using that as a reference point a little bit tonight, I’m sure.


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