Nothing against you Devin, but …

I’m kind of having a tough time really getting this pick.

I know the Patriots have had their problems with the Colts and Chargers and just about every elite passing game they’ve faced in recent years. I know you can’t have enough corners.

But I also know that Devin McCourty isn’t going to rush the passer. He isn’t going to make things easier on Tom Brady on offense. He isn’t going to help the depth problems on the defensive line. And that — and not the player himself — is the problem here.

That’s without even mentioning that this is an indictment on their prior work at the position, where they’ve spent two second-round picks, a fourth-round pick and handed out a big contract in the last 24 months.


I had an personnel executive tell me a few weeks back that he had 31 draftable corners on his board, a number he said was “unheard of”.

That’s relevant here because the Patriots could well have gotten a good one later on. What they might not be able to do is find a pass rusher now, and it’ll be tougher to find defensive linemen and tight ends and receivers too.

I know Bill Belichick’s got good info on McCourty, because of his close relationship with Greg Schiano.

But with all their needs, this better be a home run for the Patriots. … And the Colts just took Jerry Hughes. So there you go.

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