Further confirmation that Hernandez failed multiple tests


Yesterday, we had a report that cited sources from three NFL teams saying that Florida TE Aaron Hernandez fell in last weekend’s draft due to multiple positive tests for marijuana at the school.

The Patriots released a statement on Hernandez’s behalf earlier today that conceded one positive test, but said the idea that was more to it than that was “inaccurate.”

Time to go back to work, and investigate. And we now have sources from five NFL teams — with two more reached this evening — confirming that there were multiple positive tests during Hernandez’s time at Florida. One source didn’t have the exact number, but emphasized “It was absolutely, positively more than two.”

It’s also worth noting that, according to this report from the Palm Beach Post’s Florida beat man Ben Volin (UPDATED: Hernandez, as it was pointed out to me, sat out the first quarter against FIU, not the whole game … but it was clearly disciplinary), there are plenty of loopholes in the school’s drug policy that would allow for this to be kept quiet.


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