Ready for the 2011 NFL Draft?

AJ Green.jpg

If you aren’t afraid to look ahead (and we aren’t), then I’m happy to present to you the first 2011 mock draft I’ve found, courtesy of’s Andrew Perloff.

Good news and bad news here. Perloff has the Raiders finishing poorly enough for New England to get the fifth overall pick. But he’s also got the team’s slotted pick at 21st overall, which goes to the bottom playoff team.

Anyway, Perloff’s got the Patriots taking Georgia’s AJ Green fifth overall, and passing on Alabama’s Julio Jones in the process as a replacement for Randy Moss. And then he’s got ’em snapping up Pitt DE Greg Romeus.

You obviously shouldn’t take these too seriously. But one thing they’re helpful for — if you watch college football — is to gather some names you might’ve missed to keep an eye on in the fall.

For that matter, check out the work of Todd McShay (offense and defense) and Mel Kiper too, if you want to get ready for the 2010 NCAA slate.

That is, if you’re into this kinda thing.


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