What are the odds?

Super Bowl.jpg

Now that the draft is over, the wise guys out and Vegas are re-working their odds for the 2010 NFL season.

So I’m at home watching ESPN First Take, and the numbers from MGM Mirage flash on the screen, and thanks to the magic of the DVR, I can pause it and take ’em down for you.

Here are the odds against the top contenders leaving North Texas next February with the Lombardi Trophy:

Indianapolis Colts 4-1
New York Jets 6-1
Dallas Cowboys 7-1
Minnesota Vikings 7-1
Green Bay Packers 8-1
San Diego Chargers 8-1
Baltimore Ravens 9-1
New England Patriots 9-1
New Orleans Saints 10-1
New York Giants 12-1
Washington Redskins 12-1

Those, of course, are for entertainment purposes only. Interesting, though, to see the defending champs that far down the list, and also to see the Redskins included and the Eagles and Steelers not in there — which shows you how quarterbacking can sway these things.


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