Never too early for QB rankings


When Tom Brady’s not hanging out at the Kentucky Derby (thanks to our People, um, people for the pic) — with fellow Junipero Serra High alum Barry Bonds, he’s still one of the best in his business.

Here’s a list acknowledging that, from our sister pub’s stellar “Fifth Down Blog“. New York Times contributor Andy Benoit ranks ’em 1-10, and puts Brady second, behind only Peyton Manning.

2) Tom Brady, New England Patriots: The past two years have been a bump in the road, but you can’t ignore his Hall of Fame-worthy track record.

I was kind of curious a couple weeks ago, actually, to hear how some people in the NFL felt about Brady looked on tape in 2009 vs. pre-injury. Here’s what one league executive told me:

“What I do know is players come and go, but as long as that quarterback’s on the field, that offense is going to be difficult to defend,” he said. “When you’re playing against him, you’re  not just playing a physical game, it’s a mental game too. …

“His ability to find open receivers, to put his offense in right position, and how well-versed he is in where matchups are, how well-educated he is, how Tom studies the game, and knows your strengths and weaknesseses, even at 85 or 90 percent, he’s up there.”

Oh, and be sure to click on the link for Benoit’s list — hat-tip to my buddy Tim Graham for pointing me there. There are some interesting names included.


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