Brady’s back-and-forth offseason


Here’s a must-read for those of you still awake in the wee hours, and those of you just rubbing the sleep out of your eyes … Patriots QB Tom Brady leads off this week’s edition of Monday Morning Quarterback, talking to SI’s Peter King about everything from fatherhood to football philosophy.

So what’s the biggest piece of news in there? Well, to start with, he’s joining up with his teammates this morning in Foxborough, but has been back-and-forth between here and Southern California all offseason.

“It’s a balancing act,” Brady told King. “I don’t want the next 10 years to go by and to say I wasn’t there for my sons. I wish I could be there (in Foxboro daily in the offseason) the way I was when I was 24, but life is different now.

“Things actually are much more simple than they’ve ever been. I used to spend every weekend running around with friends. Now I’ve got two great kids, and I love spending time with them. (Benjamin) is usually up at 6 in the morning, so that’s when the day starts now.”

Brady also revealed to King that he’s been throwing to rehabbing star teammate Wes Welker out on the West Coast through the offseason, though he wouldn’t go into his pal’s physical condition right now. He added that he’s fine with the team’s standing pat, for the most part, offseason tweaking (Update: 9:44 a.m. — just looked this over, and “standing pat” is probably not the right term … was pretty groggy there after midnight) on offense, and is excited for the return of David Patten and the continued development of Brandon Tate and Julian Edelman.

So what needs to change? Tom had an interesting answer for that one, too.

“We’ve got to start listening more to coach (Bill) Belichick,” Brady said. “We’ve got young kids who are good players. We’ve got the best football coach of all-time. He’s got the answers. We as a team have to take the teaching and the coaching we’re being given.”

Brady also wanted to pump Best Buddies, the charity he’s working with, and the 11th annual Audi Best Buddies Challenge, which he’ll be take part in over the first weekend in June. I can tell you that those people do great work, having seen some of it, so it’s a worthwhile cause.

As for getting back to football and being ready for September, Brady pledges to be prepared in this story.

And his goals haven’t changed. But he knows that times have, so the challenges are different now than they ever have been.

“Our fans think just because we’re wearing the same jerseys, we’re the same team. And we’re not,'” Brady said. “Teams change in this league every year, and ours is no exception. Last year was pretty disappointing in a lot of ways, obviously. Losing to Baltimore the way we lost in the playoffs, losing leads late, losing on the road.


“Every year is so different, and the way we approach this year will be extremely important. We need to see the toughness. We need to see the commitment. Can we take the coaching?'”

Be sure to check Peter’s story out. Like I need to tell any of you that …

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