Is everyone fair to Maroney?


Over the weekend, we shot you guys a link to Pro Football Focus’ “Elusive Ratings” and I mentioned how it was at least a little surprising that Laurence Maroney outranked Kevin Faulk on those.

Well, there’s more.

The PFF folks just shot me over their statistics on “percentage of runs with no gain or losses” for 62 qualifying running backs. And believe it or not, Maroney is among the league’s best in this category. Here are the 10 backs who are least often dropped for a loss or no gain (this includes playoff numbers):

1) Michael Bush, Oakland 11.4 percent
2) Shonn Greene, Jets 13.5
3) Tashard Choice, Dallas 13.9
4) Pierre Thomas, New Orleans 14.2
5) Fred Jackson, Buffalo 14.3
6) Laurence Maroney, New England 14.4
7) Kevin Faulk, New England 14.5
8) Ricky Williams, Miami 14.5
9) Jason Snelling, Atlanta 14.8
10) Ray Rice, Baltimore 15.2

Pretty good, no? In case you’re wondering, the league’s worst were Indy’s Donald Brown (29.8 percent), Houston’s Steve Slaton (29.0), San Francisco’s Glen Coffee (26.5), Minnesota’s Chester Taylor (26.2) and the Giants’ Ahmad Bradshaw (25.2).

Of course, there are plenty of factors (line play, defenses faced, situations deployed in) that go into this. But it does show well on Faulk and Maroney that they’d be on this list, and maybe it also provides a little window into how they’re coached to run.

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