Welker: ‘All I can do is just work hard’


Apparently this is the week that the Patriots’ stars are coming out of their offseason hibernation — yesterday it was Tom Brady, and today it’s Wes Welker.

The injured receiver spoke with the Daily Oklahoman about his rehab from knee surgery for the ACL and MCL he tore in New England’s regular season finale.

Welker said he is already jogging — and Brady told Sports Illustrated that he and Welker play catch quite a bit in the Los Angeles area — but there is no timetable for his return.

“Obviously, this isn’t something you can really just fight through,” he said. “You’ve got to go in stages. You’ve got to make sure you’re doing everything possible to heal the right way and make sure you’re ready to go.”


As the article mentions, Welker has dealt with doubters throughout his football life: from receiving a scholarship offer to only one Division I school (Texas Tech) to going undrafted even after becoming one of that program’s most prolific players, and he has become a success at every level.

“It’s so early right now, it’s hard to put any sort of timetable on it,” he said. “My main deal is just working hard and putting myself in the best position possible to be ready whenever I’m ready. No telling when that’s going to be or how long it’s going to take, but all I can do is just work hard.”

After the initial scare of what such a devastating injury could mean for a player who has made a career of jukes and feints and cuts, Welker said, “Every day is looking a little brighter.”

Welker will be back in Massachusetts next weekend, as he will hold his second annual football camp at Thayer Academy in Braintree on May 22-23. For more information about the camp, visit www.WesWelkerCamp.com.

Update: This has been updated to correct the dates of the football camp. The camp is scheduled for May 22-23.

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