Softball, family, Torry Holt and…retirement?!?


Pats’ elder statesman Kevin Faulk had a relaxed chat with a small group of media members a short time ago in advance of his charity softball game tomorrow night at Campanelli Stadium in Brockton.

Over 30 current and former Pats players and coaches will be on hand, a number that makes Faulk proud and is a sign of how respected the 12-year veteran is.

Faulk raises money for the United Way, and distributes it to branches of the organization in Massachusetts as well as his home state of Louisiana.

When the talk turned to football, Faulk was asked the obligatory Tom Brady question about the quarterback’s choice to spend most of the offseason training outside of Foxborough.


“It?s funny, because it?s just something to talk about now,” he said. “Guys that know him, guys that have been around him, know what type of worker he is, know what he does. I think (Tedy) Bruschi said it perfect on ESPN ? if you?ve been around Tom Brady and know how he works, you have no problem with what?s going on. Some people haven?t been around him [to] know what type of worker he is.”

A married father of three, Faulk understands the difficulties of
balancing the demands of being a professional athlete with the demands
of home life.

“…It?s tough to make the decision of which one you?re going to do.
Once you make a decision, we?re athletes, we?re routine. Once we get in
the routine, that?s what we do. There is hardly anything, unless it?s a
family emergency, that is going to break you out of a routine. That?s
just it. The hardest thing for us is just making the decision to do one
thing or the other,” said Faulk.

He also talked about Torry Holt, who was part of the same 1999 draft
class that he was; the two have maintained a relationship since that
time, and Holt called Faulk before signing with New England to get a
feel for the organization, coaches, players and what to expect as a
member of the Patriots.


And there was one question that was a little out of left field:
whether Faulk had considered retiring before signing a one-year deal to
stay with New England.

“I don?t think the word ?retire? came out of my mouth, that I wanted
to retire,” he said. “I think it?s just the fact of me playing football
and doing what I love to do, my body feeling good and just continuing
on going.”

In case you’re wondering, here’s the list of players for the
softball game; Faulk said there could be several others on hand as
umpires as well:

Sam Aiken
Eric Alexander
Joe Andruzzi
Kyle Arrington
Corwin Brown
(Secondary coach/ex-Patriot)

Tedy Bruschi
George Bussey
Shawn Crable
Vernon Crawford
Julian Edelman
Doug Flutie
Stephen Gostkowski
BenJarvus Green-Ellis
Gary Guyton
Brian Hoyer
Nick Kaczur
Max Lane
Jerod Mayo
Brandon McGowan
Brandon Meriweather
Sammy Morris
Harold Nash
(assistant strength & conditioning coach)
Patrick Pass
Jeff Rowe
James Sanders
Brandon Tate
Sebastian Vollmer
Ryan Wendell
Jonathan Wilhite
Thomas Williams
Scott Zolak

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